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From the long working hours to the fast rate of information flowing all around us, our lives are running at a chaotic pace.
Stress + anxiety consumes our minds and bodies as our natural rhythm is broken and balances are lost.
With our hub, ZEND Lounge in Yaletown, our purpose with ZEND is to bring you peace from within.

ZEND is brewed locally with an infusion of traditional soothing herbal plants and minerals.
With the lounge, we made a decision to not serve alcohol in Vancouver's bar district in order to make a statement.
ZEND was designed to be your go-to drink,
whether it's to unwind after a tremendously hard day or to jumpstart your morning with a calming focus. 



ZEND gives you the subtle awareness of relaxation in your body. As ZEND is adaptogenic, it listens to your body's needs and adjust to it accordingly. Our purpose is to create an 'easy-to-consume' mindful connection with one's body, without losing that mental clarity. 

ZEND is a healthy alternative in relieving anxiety and daily stress. It alleviates chronic fatigue, decreases high cortisol levels and relieves stress-related physical issues.

ZEND gives you a tingling effect on your tongue. It opens your mind to creative consciousness by incorporating these ancient herbal ingredients back into your daily life.

With no hangovers, no calories + no jitters!