Zend is our unique blend of Kava Kava. Kava is a traditional herbal drink used in the islands of the South Pacific. Consumed ceremonially for centuries within different tribes, Kava promotes an all-natural & effective way to relax and de-stress. In the chaos of present-day hectic pace, we bring you the old plant wisdom in a newly concocted elixir, Zend! Our Kava is globally & ethically sourced from a Noble variety of Vanuatu & locally processed in North Vancouver into its potent & uniquely-formulated blend. Our Zend blend contains a pure concentrate of Kava and hints of chai in order to enhance that naturally potent and botanical earthy taste. Our purpose for Zend is to bring you real relaxation with no hangovers, no caffeine jitters & no anxiety. Enjoy it pure as a shot or mix it into a delicious handcrafted cocktail.


What is Kava Kava?

Kava is a tropical natural medicine that has been used in the islands of South Pacific for over 3,000 years. It is a botanical root from the Pepper family of plants.

Our Zend formula is globally harvested and sourced from a Noble Variety of Kava in Vanuatu and is locally processed in Vancouver. We use a Kava root, that is no more than 4 years old at a time, for our potent yet uniquely-formulated blend. Cultural rituals with Kava Kava include examples such as a ceremonial gathering and/or the pre-ritual before warriors head off into war in Fiji. 

We are Canada's first KAVA bar and are in the vision of raising collective consciousness, one high-vibe plant at a time! We truly believe Nature does it better - thus, we have curated a holistic beverage that inspires a happier & healthier lifestyle.






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Why drink Zend? 

Zend gives you an overall uplifting feeling of relaxation. Although Kava reacts differently to one's body, its purpose to create a mindful soothing to one's muscles yet still have that clarity within one's head. 

Zend is a healthier alternative in relieving anxiety and daily stress. It decreases chronic fatigue levels and headaches.

Zend gives you a tingling effect on your tongue. Kava's active ingredients are Kavalactones, which give you that noticeable effective sense of calm. It opens your mind to creative consciousness without that miserable hangover other substances may have. 

We, at the lounge, try to inspire a healthier and happier lifestyle to all of our guests. Zend is a plant-based beverage that encourages a lifestyle close to Nature.  




How much is it? 
$40+tax for the 750mL Bottle
$5+tax for 2oz shot

How will a bottle of Zend last before expiry?
Up to 6 months - it does not have to be refrigerated but it's recommended better chilled. 

Is Kava illegal? 
No. Zend has a Natural Health Number (NPN) issued by Health Canada. 

The bottle says the recommended dosage is 1oz twice daily - How much should I have? 
It depends on the individual - everyone has a different interaction with Zend. However, we recommend 2oz per hour. You will not need more than that to feel its effects. 

Zend is not recommended for people who are under the influence of alcohol, pregnant or breastfeeding or children under the age 18.