ZEND Conscious Lounge is a place of community; a home away from home.
Seating is open and communal.  Everyone is welcome, and all patrons are valued as members of our family.  
Collectively, we create a space of love, joy, and peace while sharing nourishing food and drinks.
At Zend, we take responsibility for the quality and experience of this conscious space.  

As global leaders in social enterprise, contributing to world-changing movement,
we always show up as our best selves and stand strong by our values;

At the lounge, our core values are embodied by the Zend team, our communal space & the actions we do:

Healthy Food

You are what you eat! We believe food is fuel for your body therefore, all of our food features are packed full of micro-nutrients, vitamins and minerals. All of our ingredients are organic, gluten-free and meticulously chosen by our head chef. We constantly push the idea that health can be incorporated into the fine flavour of our 100% plant-based dishes.


We are Canada's first botanical Kava bar - BULA! We have curated a botanical beverage program that provides with nourishing refreshments while still focusing on the health benefits food can provide for you. Our Zend is a namesake elixir was uniquely-formulated for the idea that your body needs rest. We find all of our botanical Zend cocktails as help you de-stress after a long chaotic day while allowing you for have open conscious connections.


Our lounge is not only a restaurant but a communal event space. We want our Vancouver community to become more inclusive and open, therefore we host public and private events, full of laughter, sober fun & self-learning advice. Our #Zendtalks Tuesdays are our most attended events, where we have the honour to invite many leaders in different fields to speak about their journeys, life-advice and expertise. In the past, we have had David Wolfe come in and speak about nutrition, KarmaTeachers about yoga and one's spirituality and our very own founder, Steve Curtis about his terminal illness diagnosis and the shift in his life journey during remission. 



We recognize and honour each other as equals, welcoming all members into our circles.  
“Welcome, I see you.”


We approach all dialogue with love and compassion, respecting the limits and boundaries of each individual.  
“I respect you.”


We listen deeply to each other and make space for a deeper self to arise in all.  
“Tell me about your dreams!”


We are in the vibration of abundance and we understand the more we give, the more comes back. We aim to contribute and give back any way we can.
“How can I help?”


We courageously open to this space, our dreams and our community, respectfully sharing our aspirations with a family that embraces everyone. 
“I am here.”


We light the space by bringing our best love, light, and laughter to the table. 
“Clap louder, the music gets better!”