Zend 750ml Bottle

Zend 750ml Bottle


Kava, the active ingredient in Zend, has been used for centuries in herbal medicine to relieve stress and promote happiness. In the chaos of today's hectic pace, be Zend. Zend's powerful, noticeably effective, natural formula is a great way to feel serene, when you would otherwise be frazzled.

Our unique formulated, non-drowsy blend if Kavalactones (the active natural ingredients in kava) are great for helping relax at social events, easing difficult conversations, meetings with the boss, public speaking, exams, or just letting go of stressful day.

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Feel the effect

It tingles on your tongue! Zend is noticeably effective which means you feel better faster. 

Relieve Stress

Anxious? Stressed? Zend is a highly effective and natural way to feel calm


Be plant-based. It's only 5 calories and your body will love you for it.