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#ZENDTALKS - Stress, the Nervous System & the Road to Resiliency

Stress is something we all must deal with on a daily basis and isn't inherently harmful. What determines whether it becomes a problem for us is how our body is wired to respond and process it. The most defining factor in how well we manage our stress and how it affects our well-being is our nervous system resiliency. When we have a resilient nervous system we can take in stress and our body knows how to process it. We are able to come out of the physiological arousal that stress initiates and we experience a sense of agency in our lives. When our nervous system has a low level of resiliency to stress, we often feel overwhelmed and unable to be successful in navigating the world. If you think of your nervous system as a container, there is only a certain amount of room. When our system is nonresilient, it is very difficult for us to take in new stressors. Our container is already so full because we often do not come out of that stress physiology as our body no longer knows how to and our nervous system gets stuck in that state. We can't sleep, we feel anxious, we lack concentration, we procrastinate, we feel creatively blocked, we feel unmotivated, uninspired and rarely or not at all present. We often get sick, we struggle with digestive issues, our muscles and joints are tight and sore. We know we have more life force but we can't seem to access it and we are simply not thriving as we could be. When we increase our capacity to take in stress by developing a more resilient nervous system we experience a permanent change in the way we experience and engage with our lives. We feel a renewed sense of health and wellness. We feel capable. We feel calmer but more alive. As our nervous system capacity and resiliency grows, we find more ease in our ability to connect with ourselves and with others as our level of presence to our experiences shifts dramatically and we find we are able to be more successful in all our chosen endeavors. 

Stress, the Nervous System and the Road to Resiliency will explore:
-what does nervous system resiliency mean?
-how does it develop in the first place? 
-what causes our nervous system to become less resilient?
-when we lack nervous system resiliency how does stress and overwhelm affect our body and mind and manifest in our lives?
-what do we need to do to increase our nervous system resiliency and make a permanent change to the way our nervous system responds to and processes stress
-how does increased nervous system capacity and resiliency change the way we feel overall, and how we engage with our lives?

About Alyson: 
Alyson Groll is a Lawyer turned Somatic Therapist trained in Somatic Experiencing©. Alyson has a profound relationship with Somatic Experiencing© as she discovered this unique and potent healing modality after a lifelong struggle with illness and much searching to find something that could help her to understand and resolve her emotional and health struggles. Somatic Experiencing© was the first healing modality that got to the real root of her illness by addressing the toxic stress and trauma that had built up in her nervous system causing chaos and manifesting as a variety of struggles. Her deep commitment to the work allowed her to fully recover and changed her entire experience of herself, her life and her engagement with others. Her gratitude for this work is beyond words. Alyson is deeply passionate about sharing her story and educating others about the profound effects of stress on the body and mind, and how Somatic Experiencing© creates the possibly for true deep healing and a profound change in the way we experience ourselves, our lives and the world around us. She sees individuals in private practice in Vancouver.

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-Talk begins at 7 PM
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