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#ZENDTALKS - Hacking the Force with Michael Persimmon

What if We Could Hack "The Force" from Star Wars and Experience it For Reals?

Remember in the original Star Wars when Obi Wan began mentoring Luke on how to experience this mystical energy field called The Force? And you began to follow his instructions--right there in the theater!--but dammit... it didn't work...? Yeah, me too! The difference is that it gnawed away at me for years, to the point where I later began chasing mystical experiences from my meditating until I eventually took vows and became a monk of an obscure order. Then everything got turned up to 11. This is not a story about my journey, but about how that journey can teach us how to hack away at Luke's original instructions from Obi Wan, and uncover the field of Consciousness. Yes, you can be aware of The Force!

-Dinner from 6pm-7pm (kitchen closes at 7:30pm)
-Talk begins at 7 PM
-Stay after to Network, Connect and meet the speaker!
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NO RESERVATIONS. First come, first serve! Get here early to connect, grab a great seat & order some tasty bites. Minimum Spend of $15 Inquiries: 604 801 6107

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Earlier Event: April 19
Later Event: April 26
Zend Movie: PROOF