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#ZENDTALKS with Colin Pal - Say Yes To Stillness: Deliberately Living and Loving In A Distracted World

We have stepped into an age of constant movement and noise, a distracted world where we’re half-living each day to the mercy of a mindless and reactive lifestyle. Where we wear busy as a badge of honour and the noise of urgent creates an illusion of importance. Where the tools we paid to work for us are now in turn, using us. Where even with the systems we’ve built to stay more connected, we’ve become more disconnected. Where our most precious possession, our attention, is constantly being robbed everyday—and we’re ok with it.

Nothing is more urgent than the need to be more still and to live with more intention, to amore more. It’s not just to love yourself, to love others and to love your craft more but it’s to love more deliberately. Instead of living our lives filling up the time we have, what if we created the time for how we want to live? An hour. A day. A week.

Come join me as I share what I learned about stillness from my 7-year journey of being a monk and the challenges I faced thereafter in exploring what it means to live with more intention in this distracted world.

TIME: 6PM - SPEAKER TALKS: 7PM - NETWORK: 8PM-9PM (First come, first serve - No Reservations!)