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Connect Vancouver - The WOMEN with Andrea Hill

Let's be honest, Vancouver has a bad rep for being a tough city to date in. The men have their opinions about the women, and the women have their opinions about the men - each seeing the other as the root of this problem. At the same time, both sexes desiring mutual things, a fun enjoyable dating life, with the potential of a loving relationship.

So if both 'parties' are wanting the same thing, then why isn't is happening?

Introducing Connect Vancouver, the monthly event that is committed to finding the answer to that very question, to bridging the gap between the sexes and opening up a conversation, and through it, a greater understanding for all involved.

Each month a panel of average, every day single Vancouverites will sit down and have an open and honest conversation about their personal dating experiences - the good, the bad, and their challenges. Each month, either sex gets to take the stage (one month will be an all male panel, the next, all female).

Each discussion will be lead by Dating Mentor, Andrea Hill ( of The Dinner Party and Date by Design), with the intention of upping the ante on communication between the sexes in Vancouver, for all to gain a  greater understanding of each other. The goal? To help Vancouver's singles have a more enjoyable and connected dating life.

Every event will end with a Q&A session for you the guest to ask the questions, you have been dying to ask, about Vancouver's dating scene, and get a glimpse into the mind of a Vancouver dater.