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FLIRT Event with The Dinner Party

What happens when you get two companies together, The Dinner Party and Big Love Ball, that are passionate about putting more love and connection out into the world?

A party!!

When single, Valentine's Day can be a real drag, but what if I threw a party that blew that feeling right out of the proverbial water? 

What if instead singletons claimed their own day, and it was all about flirtation, fun and the potential for love?

Amazing, right?

I think so. The inspiration? Big Love Ball Lab has created a gorgeous hue for their infamous Big Love Ball called -FLIRT. So with that color palette, a reason to celebrate, and a room filled with Big Love (balls), what better setting could you have to connect with others?

*What does it cost to attend? 
Well, fair singleton this is a free event, but there is a delightful hitch. To gain entry you must bring 2 members of the opposite sex that you are NOT romantically involved with. 

Just think of the possibilities...

*Is there a dress code?
Indeed there is. You must come attired in some shade of pink. Whether that is head to toe or just a lovely accent to your already fabulous outfit, pink will be required to gain you passage